AIESEC (Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e. V.)


Exchange programme for university-student internships between Germany and more than 125 member states which places students for limited periods of practical training in industry. This is co-ordinated with the German IAESTE committee, in particular in the case of foreign students wishing to receive training in Germany, and very closely with the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and intense support by the Federal Foreign Office.

Activities in detail:

  • placing German and foreign students for training periods in industry
  • looking after students during such periods
  • making the link between students and industry (interviews)
  • organising seminars on current economic problems
  • organising panel discussions with scientists and politicians
  • organising lectures and visits to factories and businesses

In addition, AIESEC deals with the following priority subjects:

  • intercultural under-standing
  • the social responsibility of business and industry
  • entrepreneurial action
  • higher education
  • modern information society

Periodical Publications

  • Statement (fife issues per year)
  • Annual Report
AIESEC (Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e. V.)


Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e.V.
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