Platform for Intercultural Europe


The Platform for Intercultural Europe intends to provide a conjoint voice of European civil society for intercultural dialogue. According to its manifesto, the Rainbow Paper aims to contribute to four levels of change in Europe:

  • attitudinal – leading to a greater appreciation of diversity and the complexity of identities
  • social – working towards democratic inclusion and greater equity
  • structural - building capacities for change within organisations and constituencies in view of diversity
  • policy changes – working for change at all levels, with the EU as the key communication point; enhancing standards and frameworks to tackle exclusion, inequalities and breaches of human rights related to cultural diversity.

The change in public and civil social organisations is be promoted through investments into the following areas:

  • awareness-raising and exchange of experience
  • research, comparison, monitoring, and impact assessment
  • training and facilitation of capacity building
  • stimulation for the creation and use of intercultural meeting places
  • constituency or audience development
  • communication and outreach development

Over 434 civil society organisations (local, national and European) have so far committed to the vision of the platform by signing the Rainbow Paper and 51 became official members since 2009. The Platform for Intercultural Europe brings together actors from the fields of culture, education, youth and social work and people who work on minority rights, and on anti-discrimination and human rights.


Platform for Intercultural Europe
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