Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP)


Founded in 2012 in Hungary, the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) is a non-governmental organisation fostering scientific education and public discourse regarding cultural relations policy. The institution is based in Budapest.

ICRP focuses on global intercultural dialogue and forms of cooperation between intra-cultural entities, aiming to promote the protection of International Human Rights and recognition of cultural diversity and heritage in an interdependent world.

Hungary’s geographical location and its great accessibility in the middle of Europe make it possible for ICRP to serve as a meeting point to facilitate the public exposure of the perspectives and interests of different communities, governments, international organisations, NGOs, businesses, scholars, thinkers and common citizens, in the hope that this will contribute to the evolving process of the dialogue among civilizations through cultural diplomacy.


ICRP Geopolitika Kft.
Templom u. 22
1028 Budapest