European Network for Opera Education (RESEO)


The European Network for Opera and Dance Placement (RESEO) develops and promotes the placement of opera and dance for all target groups in Europe. It comprises education services of over 70 operas, dance houses and cross-arts structures from 21 European countries and encourages the exchange between opera and dance pedagogues via biannual conferences and meetings as well as further symposia, organises workshops and supports research studies. Alongside it sponsors project-based work, a participatory website and a newsletter.

Its aims include:

  • facilitate exchange amongst opera and dance educators, encouraging a higher quality level of education programmes in the field opera and dance
  • to be a valuable research and resource centre for the opera and dance placement in Europe
  • initiate artistic collaboration, experimentation, risk-taking and innovative new work across Europe
  • raise the public acceptance of opera and dance education within the cultural sector, to policy makers and to the wider public
European Network for Opera Education (RESEO)


European Network for Opera and Dance Education
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