European Music Council – International Music Council (IMC)


The International Music Council (IMC) was founded in 1949 upon request of the Director General of UNESCO as a non-governmental advisory body to the agency on musical matters. Today it comprises national music committees of over sixty nations on all continents, some thirty international music organisations as well as some fifty honorary members. Secretariats in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Arab countries and Latin America promote regional projects and international cooperation under the aegis of IMC.

In 1972 the European regional group of the IMC was formed by the UNESCO; today the office of the European Music Council (EMC) is located in Bonn / Germany.

The European Music Council contributes to a better mutual understanding among peoples and their different cultures, to the right for all musical cultures to coexist as well as to exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities and supporting and enhancing the visibility of initiatives that help sustain people’s participation in music and cultural life.

The European Music Council

  • promotes all musical life and music education in Europe
  • initiates and encourages dialogues on multilateral opportunities and challenges in European music life
  • observes and acts upon the developments in the field of music on European and national levels
  • voices the European interests within the IMC and acts as the specialist for European matters of the IMC

The European Music Council

  • encourages closer and more effective cooperation between its members
  • regularly communicates the developments on European level to its members
  • initiates and carries out European activities complementary to its membership
  • develops cooperation with other IMC Regional Groups and Secretariats
  • encourages the mobility of artists
  • is an example for youth participation in decision making processes
European Music Council – International Music Council (IMC)


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