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Active in culture and the arts as well as the media, and with an impressive track record in education, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is Europe’s only independent, non-national and pan-European cultural foundation. Running its own programmes and awarding grants keep it close to the grassroots cultural sector, and make it a credible advocate of strong cultural policies for Europe.

The European Cultural Foundation has been a staunch supporter of culture in Europe since 1954. It believes that culture is what shapes ways of living together and strengthens the bonds of European solidarity. It is therefore ECF’s mission to enable culture-makers to express themselves on contemporary challenges in Europe, to connect them across borders and with new groups and audiences, and to help amplify their contribution to culture and wider society.

Areas of exploration include:

  • the cultural implications of EU enlargement
  • cross-border cultural cooperation and promotion of intercultural exchange
  • the possible components of a strong European cultural programme
  • a cultural component to a future EU foreign policy

The ECF has contributed to the development of European cultural policy through programmes and initiatives on national, regional and local levels. We believe that Europe needs coherent and convincing cultural policies, which will pro-actively involve civil society in democratic decision-making processes.

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European Cultural Foundation (ECF)


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