Culture Action Europe

Purpose / Activities

Culture Action Europe, the former EFAH is

  • a platform for cultural policy development in Europe:

for action and reflection, for monitoring and feedback; a rallying point for active cultural operators in Europe; a networked organisation which stimulates genuine debate and policy development. Culture Action Europe has more than hundred organisational members at local, regional, national and European level.

  • a resource:

a source of targeted, tailored and filtered information which aims to empower members and the cultural community. A pool of collective expertise and experience well-positioned to advise, anticipate and evaluate.

  • an advocate:

an active, articulate champion of its core beliefs which seeks constructive dialogue with institutions and policymakers, acts as a channel of communication to voice concerns arising from the community and creates opportunities to advance the debate on the role of culture in Europe.


Culture Action Europe liases with the European Institutions:

  • the European Commission
  • the European Parliament, the Committee of Regions and the Council of Ministers.

Culture Action Europe also actively engages with the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Culture Action Europe


Culture Action Europe
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