Migration and Culture

International press commentaries on the recent cultural challenges of migration.

In Denmark, Passage of Rules on Immigration Called for Cake

Denmark passed the 50th restriction on immigration.

nytimes.com | 15.03.2017

"Give everyone a voice"

qantara.de | 03.01.2017

A question of mutual interest

qantara.de | 02.01.2017

Events: Arts & Refugees Forum

casulapowerhouse.com | 26.07.2016

Newcomers, not refugees

en.qantara.de | 08.07.2016

A gentle yet honest approach

Picture books explore the fate of refugees

qantara.de | 29.03.2016

USC to provide scholarships to Syrian students

dailytrojan.com | 28.03.2016

Recognising refugee qualifications is a necessity

universityworldnews.com | 25.03.2016

RefugeesWelcome Workshop

theatron-network.eu | 10.03.2016