Time for a paradigm shift in cultural policies?

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The world in which we live is changing rapidly – and it has an impact on the conditions under which the cultural sector operates today. Among the challenges: old funding systems are changing and available public budgets are decreasing; welfare policies seem to be under threat; cultural institutions are struggling to find sustainable development models; and space for the establishment of new types of cultural institutions is shrinking.

The international conference "Perspectives of national cultural policies development in the EU context: critical dialogues" – which is taking place today and tomorrow in Zagreb – aims to address the pivotal question of whether it is time for a paradigm shift in cultural policies and what the possible ways forward are. The conference intends to contribute to enhancing the knowledge about the relevant cultural policy processes at the European Union level. By bringing together researchers, cultural professionals and policy-makers, it will foster the dialogue between different cultural-policy stakeholders, putting into the spotlight the issue of the need for sustainability of culture, as well as the fact that there is no sustainable development without culture.

Issues to be tackled at the conference include:

  • Cultural policies and the crisis in/of European Union – how to achieve sustainable cultural development
  • Strategies and tendencies of local cultural development in Europe: the role and impact of European Capital of Culture project
  • National cultural policies in need of vision, innovation and leadership