Arts Council of Mongolia turns 15

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Arts Council of Magnolia logo

Arts Council of Magnolia logo

For the entire year of 2017, Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is celebrating its 15th anniversary with 15 creative projects. Among the projects are Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Culture Naadam and Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival. In addition, ACM is starting an extensive media campaign. Under the slogan "Accountable, Creative and Multi-stakeholder year", the campaign will promote ACM’s accomplishments, contributions, impacts, investments, partnerships and values over the last 15 years.

ACM is an arts and culture NGO, established by Mongolian arts, civic and business leaders in 2002 with the support of the Mongolian Foundation for an Open Society (Soros Foundation). Its mission is to support the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and the preservation of cultural heritage.

ACM focuses on increasing the competitiveness of arts and culture in Mongolia by fostering artistic excellence, new media, enhancing international collaboration, and promoting Mongolian arts and culture abroad and international arts in Mongolia. In this regard, ACM has established a partnership with 47 countries.