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Future Perfect: Exhibition opening in Cali

Future Perfect. Contemporary Art from Germany

From Poland, Russia and Brazil to Colombia: On 25 August the Future Perfect exhibition opens at the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia in Cali. The exhibition features contemporary art from Germany, focusing on visions of the future and speculations on the course of history. The Future Perfect Blog provides interviews with participating artists like Mariana Castillo Deball, Armin Linke and Antje Majewski.

"Berlin Refuge and Music" – a film by ifa alumnus Ahmed Yacoub

From the film "Berlin Refuge and Music" by Ahmed Yacoub.

Ahmed Don loves the independence of art in Berlin. Twice a week he raps at Warschauer Strasse in the German capital. The guitar player Max is impressed by the energy of the city. For his video documentary 'Berlin Refuge and Music', CrossCulture Internships alumnus Ahmed Yacoub accompanied Ahmed Don, Max and other buskers in Berlin. In an interview published on the ifa Alumni website he talks about the shooting and his fascination for the amount of freedom people enjoy in Berlin.

News on Cultural Exchange

Young Euro Classic starts in Berlin

For 17 days, from 17 August to 3 September, orchestras from all over the world perform in Berlin in the framework of Young Euro Classic.

Young Euro Classic | 17.08.2016

"Dealing with the Past"

A project at the Sarajevo Film Festival bearing this name seeks to help process past events and their impact on society during and after the conflict.

Sarajevo Film Festival | 12.08.2016

A World Not Ours: Exhibition on the refugee crisis

Until 15 October, A World Not Ours, an exhibition on the issue of the refugee crisis and forced migration, is being shown on the Greek island of Samos.

Schwarz Foundation | 09.08.2016


25.08.2016 | Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, Cali
Exhibition opening
07.09.2016 | Kirghizian National Aitiew Museum for Visual Arts, Bishkek
Exhibition opening
08.09.2016 | Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI, Santiago de Chile
Exhibition opening
09.09.2016 | Max Mueller Gallery/GI Mumbai, Mumbai
Exhibition opening
10.09.2016 | Emami Chisel Art Gallery, Kolkata
Exhibition opening
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